2019 Thanksgiving Showcase - General Information

General Information

Team Selection Process, Game Schedule and Policy Information

Important Dates:

Showcase Entry Deadline - October 7, 2019
Letters of Acceptance/Decline - No later than October 11, 2019

Entry Fee:  $895.00

Determining team selections:

  • The strength of playing league, participating division, and standings in the league.
  • The strength of tournaments, participating teams and final standings in the tournament.
  • State, Regional and National competition participation and standings.
  • Competition against state, regional and national ranked teams.
  • Team(s) will play in the age group determined by their official roster. (GotSoccer registration)
  • Teams will be considered to play up in age group ONLY with the Showcase Director's approval.
  • Showcase Participating Age Groups: a) U18/19  b) U17  c) U16  d) U15.
  • Determining Age Groups:

    Beginning in 2016/17, and according to the USYSA, age groups are determined by calendar year of birth.
    The change to calendar year age groups will reflect as follows:
    Under 19 – Jan 1–Dec 31, 2001
    Under 18 – Jan 1–Dec 31, 2002
    Under 17 – Jan 1–Dec 31, 2003
    Under 16 – Jan 1–Dec 31, 2004
    Under 15 – Jan 1–Dec 31, 2005

Determining number of teams selections:

  • Due to the limited number of fields available to us, we are limited in the amount of teams that we are able to accept.
  • Age groups normally consist of 12-16 teams according to strength of age group.
  • Selection is based on each team's competitive level of play.

Games Schedule:

  • Teams will play a minimum of three games.
  • Normally, games are scheduled one game per day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). 
  • If the schedule requires, teams may be scheduled to play a 1 game Friday and two Saturday.
  • Friday games will start no earlier than 9:45AM / Sunday games will end no later than 3:00 PM.
  • Special attention will be given to teams driving distances and air travel schedules.
  • Games will be 80 minutes.
  • All games are played at McInnish Park (U15-U16) and Cox Fields (U17-U18/19).

Hotel accomodations:

It is required from the City of Farmers Branch that all participating teams MUST use one of our approved hotels if accepted to the Thanksgiving Showcase.

Team Withdrawls:

Teams withdrawing once accepted to the Thanksgiving Showcase will forfeit their entry fee.

Weather Provisions:

  • In the event of inclement weather, the showcase committee will have the authority to reschedule, and/or change the duration and/or cancel any games due to the playing conditions.
  • In case of inclement weather, please check at the main tents at Cox and McInnish Parks for updated field conditions. It is each team's responsibility to check for schedule/field changes.

Refund Policy:

If inclement weather cancels the showcase prior to the start of the first scheduled game, a maximum of 50% of the entry fee will be retained by the showcase to cover the start-up cost of the showcase.